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The Missisquoi Amateur Hockey Association

The purpose of MAHA shall be to provide the opportunity for the youth within MAHA’s service area to play amateur hockey at prescribed levels which may consist of T-Blades, Mites, Squirts, Pee-Wees, Bantams, Midgets, and corresponding girls’ teams such as U-10, U-12, or U-14. It shall also be a purpose of MAHA to prepare its players through attention to skill development and competition for future play at high school level.

A Letter From our Board President

Hello MAHA Family,

I first want to apologize for slacking, I usually like to communicate to you all every month or two, but I have been super busy on a personal level, and I have not had time to write. Again, I apologize, and I promise I will try to do better!

So… better late than never I guess, Welcome Back!! I hope that everyone had an amazing off season and an even better start to this year’s hockey season. I hope we all have a great season of fun and learning. I want to remind everyone; players, parents, coaches, and spectators to always be kind. To each other, to our opponents, and to the refs. We are all human, we all make mistakes, and we are all here for the same reason. I hope that is to support our children in learning through a game that we all love! I have watched a plethora of kids, including my own, grow into young adults and walk away from this organization with some values and lessons that they will use their entire lives. There is far more to learn on that sheet of ice that how to play the game of hockey. They are learning what teamwork is while also coming to understand personal commitment and how the two support each other. They are learning about community and how it supports the youth within it. One of the most rewarding things I have witnessed in my time here is when kids I’ve seen come up in the organization start giving back to it by coaching or refereeing. One of the most heart wrenching things I have experience while in this organization is the loss of a former player last summer…

Logan Labelle was a great example of someone that came up in this organization and this community and completely understood that giving back to it was critical to it’s continued success. Logan was always looking for ways to help. Whether it was the MAHA community by working with younger goalies (my son included) to help them better their knowledge and skill in that position or working as a volunteer firefighter in Highgate, doing all he could to help keep the community that he loved safe. In the 12 or so years that I knew Logan I don’t think I ever saw him without that warm infectious smile, he was a great pleasure to know, and I learned a lot from him. My heart breaks and goes out to his family and friends. He will be missed greatly by all that were lucky enough to have been on his path, a path that ended far too soon! In honor of Logan his parents recently held a cornhole tournament and donated to proceeds to MAHA in Logan’s name. We are very appreciative and greatly honored by this gift and we will be using that money to put towards our new separation boards.

Since I have been associated with MAHA, 12 years now, we have always had those little black pads to separate the ice for half or cross ice games. They served the purpose of separation but didn’t do a very good job. Pucks constantly getting caught under them or a few of our littles flyin’ over them. Well, I am happy to say that we have now procured actually boards that will separate the ice, which I think will be a much better situation for both players and coaches at the mite level and below. I am also very happy to report that these were purchased with grant and donation money. 

I again just want to welcome everyone back. I want to remind you all that we are here for the kids and for the love of this sport, please act accordingly! I also want to offer this reminder, life is short, fragile, and precious. Live and love to the fullest! I will close with lyrics from Aaron Lewis’s song Mama. “Daddy always told me, “Son you better love the best you can” and “Don’t look back and be sorry, these moments won’t be comin’ ‘round again” …enjoy the moments!!

Take care,

Corey Fregeau
MAHA President


The next MAHA Monthly Board Meeting will be held tonight, November 29th at 7pm via Zoom.


7:00: Call Meeting to order/Review Secretary’s Report
7:15: Treasure’s Report
7:30: State Rep. Report
7:45: Fundraising Committee/Discussion
8:15: General Housekeeping
8:45: Other/General Membership Discussion
9:00: Executive Session (if needed)     

Fundraising Cover Letter

MAHA Calendars

MAHA T-Blade Registration

The Missisquoi Amateur Hockey Association T-Blade registration

MAHA Registration for the 2023-2024 season is currently open for new skaters.

To Register go to

The MAHA T-Blade program is a beginner level for Boys and Girls Ages 4 and up.

The T-Blade level teaches beginner skating and hockey skills.

Age 6 and under is $80 and USA Hockey Registration is $15 for Age 7 and under. Over the age of 7 is $50 for USA Hockey Registration

MAHA's Annual Equipment swap will be held on Friday September 8th from 4pm-7pm and Saturday, September 9th from 8am-10am.

The hockey season runs for 20 weeks starting after October 1st.

MAHA Registration Is Now Open!!

The Missisquoi Amateur Hockey Association's
Registration for the 2023-2024 season is now open! The link to register is below.

Please read through the registration plan attached in this email carefully as there have been changes to the MAHA fees, calendar sales, state and general required hours worked.

Registration is open, today 6/13/2023 and will close on 8/1/22 (with the exception of 1st-year T-Blades).

If you are in need of a Warner Home Scholarship, please reach out to Judy Laroche at 868-3694, or via email at

If you have any questions regarding registration or the registration plan, please reach out to Kimberly at
Thank you,

Interested in volunteering?

Are you interested in being a locker room monitor or team manager? Let us know!

You will need a USA Hockey volunteer number, a completed SafeSport Training, and a background check. 

USA Hockey Member Registration

USA Hockey Safe Sport Program

Background Screen (


Questions about Fundraising? Want to be apart of the Fundraising committee? Shoot them an email at

Live Barn at The Highgate Sports Arena

Sign up today to watch practices and games!!



Billed Monthly at $19.95*


  • Live Stream unlimited video from all LiveBarn venues
  • Access On Demand video for 30 days
  • Share 30-second highlights via social media, email and text

There are other package options.




The Missisquoi Amateur Hockey Association is holding an on going Bottle Drive at the Swanton Sunoco. Bottles can be brought there and you just need to mention the bottles are being donated to MAHA.

Bottles can also be dropped off at the MAHA Bottle Bin at the arena

Thank you for supporting The Missisquoi Amateur Hockey Association!

MAHA's Girls Try Hockey For Free was a huge success!  Lots of new faces!

MAHA's Girls Try Hockey For Free was a huge success! Lots of new faces!

MAHA and Milton kick off their season with a power skating clinic on Tuesday! Let the fun begin!

Coaches Registration

If you are interested in coaching, please register here.

Click Here To Register

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