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The Missisquoi Amateur Hockey Association

The purpose of MAHA shall be to provide the opportunity for the youth within MAHA’s service area to play amateur hockey at prescribed levels which may consist of T-Blades, Mites, Squirts, Pee-Wees, Bantams, Midgets, and corresponding girls’ teams such as U-10, U-12, or U-14. It shall also be a purpose of MAHA to prepare its players through attention to skill development and competition for future play at high school level.

Letter from MAHA President

Hello MAHA Members,

I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. It was a very hard decision for us to end the season as we did. Our hearts wanted to play on, however we felt it would have been irresponsible and careless of us to continue. We made the choice we felt we had too, instead of the one we wanted too. We thoroughly enjoyed the season we were able to squeeze in amongst the craziness and we hope the kids did too!

As was previously announced, yesterday was the deadline to submit a letters of interest for the open MAHA board positions. The open positions were for Vice President, Secretary, and 6 Director’s. While I am very happy that we got enough letters of interest to fill these positions, I find it rather unsettling that we got just enough to fill the open positions. I have been a member of MAHA since 2011 and I have never seen a full ballot of uncontested elections. Given that each position is uncontested, holding elections would be a waste of time and resources. Therefore, no voting will occur and those that have submitted their letters will be given the positions they submitted their letter of interest for.

Letters of Interest have been posted on the MAHA website under documents.

So please allow me to introduce our new board members:

· Vice President Marcy Stefaniak

 I couldn’t be happier to have Marcy continue as our VP. Her level of involvement and commitment to this organization and making sure things run smoothly for the kids is impressive and inspiring!

· Secretary Lindsay Ladd

 Lindsay has been a key member of the board as a Director this past year and I am excited to see her move into the Secretary position.

· Directors


 Angela Sawyer DeSanctis

 Tom Gates

 Carrie Bessette

· Thank you for your continued involvement and support!


 Luc Choquette

Heather Gregoire

Jeff Gilmore

 Thank you for joining the team, I look forward to working with you this next year.

· State Representative and Head of Coaching will be appointed by the board.

I want to thank Dawn Lapan for the last 4 years of service to the board. Dawn has been a vital member of the board as a Director and has been a huge help on other fronts like fundraising. The time and energy that she has given this organization is priceless and is required in order to do what we do. Without volunteers to fill board and coaching positions we wouldn’t have an organization. I urge others to follow the example Dawn as set and get involved.

I also want to thank Karen Fortin, although I am not sure I can say enough to do justice to the service Karen has provided MAHA. Karen has been the backbone and foundation of this organization, holding two very critical positions, State Representative and Secretary, for as long as I can remember. This year was Karen’s 25th year on the board and her 22nd year as Secretary. If every member gave a tenth of what Karen has given this organization, we would be tripping over each other to get the work done. Karen brings a level of organization and drive to the organization that can only come from someone that truly loves what they are doing, and more importantly who they are doing it for. Karen, I can’t thank you enough and hope you will continue to be a part of MAHA for many years to come!


Until next season,

Corey Fregeau

MAHA President

Pro Shop

LaShure’s Pro Shop is back in action and sharpening by appointment only.

They are trying a new  booking app. 

People can book their own appointments at

Or you can also call 309 3590 or 309 3591

Please only one customer in the pro shop at a time and when dropping off and picking up please use the front entrance.   The facilty board is asking people to avoid walking through the building to limit movement throughout the building and by the Zamboni doors.   

MAHA Meeting

The next  MAHA Meeting  will be held on:

Wednesday, May 12th at 7pm

Join Zoom Meeting

MAHA Board Meeting Agenda


Live Barn at The Highgate Sports Arena

Sign up today to watch practices and games!!



Billed Monthly at $17.95*


  • Live Stream unlimited video from all LiveBarn venues
  • Access On Demand video for 30 days
  • Share 30-second highlights via social media, email and text

There are other package options.




The Missisquoi Amateur Hockey Association is holding an on going Bottle Drive at the Swanton Sunoco. Bottles can be brought there and you just need to mention the bottles are being donated to MAHA.

Bottles can also be dropped off at the MAHA Bottle Bin at the arena

Thank you for supporting The Missisquoi Amateur Hockey Association!

MAHA's Girls Try Hockey For Free was a huge success!  Lots of new faces!

MAHA's Girls Try Hockey For Free was a huge success! Lots of new faces!

MAHA and Milton kick off their season with a power skating clinic on Tuesday! Let the fun begin!

Highgate Sports Arena

2020-2021 Visitor Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to the Highgate Sports Arena.  Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Masks must be worn at all times in the arena, including on the ice players, coaches and officials.
  • Not to exceed the maximum number allowed of 25 on the ice.  This includes players and coaches.  There will be no physical contact between players.  Players and coaches must maintain the physical distance of at least six feet apart.  Team based activities will be limited to:  individual skill-building exercises, strength and conditioning sessions and No-contact drills.
  • All players and coaches will need to complete and sign screening questions for tracing purposes.
  • Teams/Groups will provide rosters for contact tracing purposes.
  • Organization will be responsible for their own health screenings.
  • Players should come dress to play.  Locker rooms will not be available.  Chairs will be spaced along the perimeter for putting on skates.
  • No spectators will be allowed in the arena.  Parents/Guardians must wait in their vehicles and to avoid socializing with others at practice. 
  • We will follow the “arrive, play and leave" guidelines.   One adult per family will be allowed to enter prior to practices and games to tie skates for their player who is U10 age and under.  The parent/guardian must have their temperature taken when entering.  Parents/Guardians must exit and return to their vehicles and avoid socializing with others during practices and games.
  • Groups are asked not to come no more than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled time and to leave promptly when finished, following the State’s “Arrive, Play and Leave” guidelines.  This will allow us to turn over the ice more quickly for the next group and to accommodate more groups.
  • One person at a time in the lobby Restrooms.
  • Showers will not be available.
  • Please adhere to 6’ social distancing.
  • Groups are asked to wipe down their own equipment.
  • No spitting on the ice or anywhere in the facility.
  • No sharing water bottles.  
  • The water fountain in the back hallway will not be available.
  • We will not be allowing “Drop-In Programs” such as Public Skating, Stick and Puck and Pick-up Hockey. 
  • Visitors must adhere to State Guidelines regarding travel and quarantining- Highgate Arena is a public facility so let’s keep it safe and fun for all.


This document will be updated as the guidelines change.

Last updated 12/29/20

Coaches Registration

If you are interested in coaching, please register here.

Click Here To Register





We recommend all parents take the USA HOCKEY Safe Sport Parent Course. This program is developed for parents of athletes, and addresses important topics around recognizing, preventing and taking action against misconduct in sports.

Click Here to complete the Safesport program. 


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    What makes them great? Include a sentence or two about the local sponsor here.

    Sponsored by Local Sponsor

    Local Sponsor

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    What makes them great? Include a sentence or two about the local sponsor here.