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The Missisquoi Amateur Hockey Association

The purpose of MAHA shall be to provide the opportunity for the youth within MAHA’s service area to play amateur hockey at prescribed levels which may consist of T-Blades, Mites, Squirts, Pee-Wees, Bantams, Midgets, and corresponding girls’ teams such as U-10, U-12, or U-14. It shall also be a purpose of MAHA to prepare its players through attention to skill development and competition for future play at high school level.

End Of The Year Bills

End of the Year Bills

The end of the year MAHA bills have been mailed and should be received within the next few days.  

The MAHA Calcutta $100 ticket has been removed from the bills as the MAHA board decided we will not be holding our annual Calcutta until next season. 

Please contact Judy at to make arrangements or mail your payment to:


P O Box 77

Highgate Center, VT  05459



Pro Shop

LaShure’s Pro Shop is back in action and sharpening by appointment only.

They are trying a new  booking app. 

People can book their own appointments at

Or you can also call 309 3590 or 309 3591

Please only one customer in the pro shop at a time and when dropping off and picking up please use the front entrance.   The facilty board is asking people to avoid walking through the building to limit movement throughout the building and by the Zamboni doors.   

MAHA Elections

Good Morning MAHA Members,

Its that time of year again, Election time.  Due to COVID we are going to be changing up the voting process this year, to make it safe for everyone.  Each member with an Email address on file with us will receive an electronic Ballot.  You will be able to cast your votes just once, as specified in the MAHA By-Laws.  Ballots will be sent out on the evening of Friday April 2, 2021, members will be able to vote until Midnight April 3rd, 2021.  Ballots received after that time frame will not be counted. 

Outlined below is the Election process.  Please read carefully.

MAHA Elections shall be held each year prior to the Annual Meeting.  The President and Vice-President must be selected in alternating years, as well as the Treasurer and Secretary.  The President and Treasurer shall serve a two (2) year term as will the Vice President and Secretary.

 All Directors shall be elected to serve one (1) year terms.  Nothing contained herein shall prevent any Officer or Director from succeeding him or herself provided he or she is nominated and duly elected.

 All nominations must be submitted in writing with a letter of interest one (1) month or (30) days prior to elections to have name added to the ballot.  Only individuals that have submitted a letter of interest may have their names added to the ballot.  All nominees must be in good standing to be considered.

All elections shall be by Electronic Ballot for 2021

Every family gets one (1) vote per adult member.

  2021 MAHA Elections:

All nomination letters of interest are due by Wednesday, March 17, 2021.

Please include in your letter a brief introduction and what you feel you can bring to the MAHA board if elected.

Please email Letters of interest to Karen Fortin @ (

Positions Up For Reelections:

MAHA Vice President (2) two year term

MAHA Secretary (2) two year term


MAHA Directors:

6 Director Positions to be filled (1) one year term

 Voting will be held electronically on Saturday, April 3rd, 2021.


If you have any questions please contact

MAHA President Corey Fregeau


MAHA Vice President Marcy Stefaniak at

20 Week Club Winners

Winners will be posted every few weeks on the MAHA website.

Checks have been mailed and winners should receive them the following week.

Nov 2nd ($25.00 winner) Kelly Bertrand # 901

Nov 6th ($25.00 winner) David Longley # 113

Nov 8th ($50.00 winner) Jenna Young #877

Nov 10th ($25.00 winner) Joanie Hubbard #756

Nov 12th ($25.00 winner) Heather Bellrose & Scott Delaire #009 (Double winners because of 2nd set of Calendars sold with #009))

Nov 14th ($50.00 winner) Patty Brouillette #064

Nov 17th ($25.00 Winner)  Ken Whitcomb  #229

Nov 20th ($50.00 Winner)  Kari Sartwell  #972

Nov 22nd ($25.00 Winner)  Kalen Kane  #037

Nov 24th  ($25.00 Winner)  Cherly Loiselle  #253

Nov 26th  ($100.00 Winner)  Melissa Robtoy  #175

Nov 28th  ($50.00 Winner)  Justin Bourdeau  #737

Nov 29nd  ($25.00 Winner)  Arnold Benjamin  #748

Dec. 2nd  ($25.00  Kenneth Spears)   #957

Dec 4th  ($50.00 Jack Guilmette)  #863

Dec 6th  ($25.00 Jennifer McWilliams)  #767

Dec 9th  ($50.00  Justin Bourbeau)  #737 

Dec 12th  ($25.00  Tammy Lapan)  #996

Dec. 15th  ($25.00 Winner)  Lynette Fresn  #524

Dec. 17th  ($25.00 Winner)  Jenna Young  #877

Dec. 19th  ($50.00 Winner)  Jennifer Hubbard  #742

Dec. 21st  ($25.00 Winner)  Derek Curtis  #427

Dec. 25th  ($100.00 Winner)  Jessica McCormick  #162

Dec. 28th  ($50.00 Winner)  Luc Choquette  #810

Dec. 31st  ($50.00 Winner)  Stella Elderidge  #444

Jan 1st  ($100.00 Winner)  Kathy Middlemiss  #869

Jan 3rd  ($25.00 Winner)  Carolyn Hatin  #499

Jan 5th  ($25.00 Winner)  Marcy Schreindorfer  #313

Jan 7th  ($25.00 Winner)  Linda Gagne  #202

Jan 9th  ($25.00 Winner)  Alice Rouse  #646

Jan 11th  ($25.00 Winner)  Joe Barney  #481

Jan 13th  ($25.00 Winner)  Allen Laroche  #057

Jan 16th  ($50.00 Winner)  Donald Gates  #364

Jan 18th  ($50.00 Winner)  Amy Lamoureux  #656

Jan 20th  ($25.00 Winner)  Sara Barrette  #750

Jan 22nd  ($25.00 Winner)  James Hubbard  #732

Jan 24th  ($50.00 Winner)  Justine White  #343

Jan 26th  ($25.00 Winner)  Kalen Kane  #039

Jan 29th  ($25.00  Winner)  Kelly Sargent  #569

Feb 1st  ($25.00 Winner)  Abbey LaPlant  #281

Feb 4th  ( $25.00 winner)  Scott Hakey  #590

Feb 6th  ($50.00 winner)  Mindy Gagner  #820

Feb 8th  ($25.00 winner)  Kalen Kane  #043

Feb 10th  ($50.00 winner)  Bryan Martell  #803

Feb 12th  ($25.00 winner)  Jenn McWilliams  #827

Feb 14th  ($100.00 winner)  Jessica Bombard  #769

MAHA Meeting

The next  MAHA Meeting  will be held on

Tuesday,  February 16th at 7:00pm

Join Zoom Meeting

MAHA Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday February 16, 2021


Via Zoom

7:00 Call Meeting to order /Review Secretary’s Report

7:15 Treasure’s Report

7:30 State Rep. Report

7:45 Fundraising Committee/Discussion

8:00 General Housekeeping

· Return to Play Guidelines Update

-How are things going?

-How did games go?

- Director’s Feedback

8:30 Other/General Membership Discussion

8:45 Executive Session (if needed)

Dear MAHA Members,


I hope this message finds you well.  First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for being patient as we work through many of the new rules that have been put into place by the state with the new return to play guidance.   We intend to begin practices again next week, Monday, January 4th, 2021.  Practice schedules, and practice itself will look very different than it has in the past. For now, each team will have a practice once during the week and once on the weekend.  At this time First Year T-Blades is on hold.  We are hopeful this will be temporary and we will be able to get those new skaters back on the ice soon.  Practice schedules are being worked on and will be posted very soon. Please keep checking SportsEngine for your child’s updated schedule, and as always, feel free to reach out should you have any questions. 


If your player(s) will not be returning this season please reach out to Judy Laroche, Marcy Stefaniak, Karen Fortin ASAP.  We need this information for planning purposes. 


The board wants to be very transparent about what we are dealing with at this point. An outline of the current regulations can be found at the bottom of this message.  Please take a few minutes to review them so you are aware of the rules as we re-start our hockey season. 


I would like to highlight one major change - spectators are no longer allowed in the facility  For players at the U10 level and below, one family member will be allowed to enter the facility to tie skates and will have to leave immediately after. Please ensure that your child comes dressed as much as possible prior to the start of practice.  That same parent can return to untie skates at the end of practice.   In addition, please be mindful of the second change – Socializing in the parking lot is prohibited at this time. Parents/Guardians doing drop off should be returning to their own vehicle to wait for their child’s practice to end.


As you are all aware, youth hockey is under the microscope due to the outbreak that took place in October; which ultimately shutdown our sport.  As much as we all want to see our kids on the ice in person and want to be able to visit with our “hockey families”  we need to be diligent about following the rules set forth by our state.  If we want to continue to move forward with our season, we need to follow these rules at all times.  The MAHA Board and Highgate Arena facility members will be strictly enforcing  these rules at all times.  The last thing any of us want is our season to be canceled for good.  We as the board are asking that you do your part to keep the facility open and the kids skating.


There will be a slight change to how teams will be entering and exiting on end B.  Teams scheduled to enter at end “B” will now enter at the side door (which comes in next to the water fountain) still putting skates on at that end of the rink, as before.  Kids will exit the back door next to the stairs, like they did in the past.  The 10 minute before and after still applies.  This change was made as the thermometers do not work in the cold. All previous screening protocols will still take place for the child and parent/guardian.


Lastly, if you were previously a health screener, we still need you.  Please reach out to Marcy if you can no longer help with the health screening for your team.  


ACCD Guidelines 9.1 Sports/Organized Sports including Youth Leagues

Effective Saturday, December 26, 2020, organized youth leagues and school-based sports programs (serving individuals age 19 years and younger) may resume team-based activities strictly limited to:

  • Individual skill-building exercises;
  • Strength and conditioning sessions; and,
  • No-contact drills.

In resuming limited team-based activities, organized youth leagues shall:

  • Require all participants to complete a health check, including temperature screening, before arriving at team-based activity.
  • Eliminate all physical contact and ensure physical distance of at least six feet is always maintained between individuals.
  • Require masks / cloth face coverings to be worn at all times.
    • Anyone with a documented medical or behavioral reason for not wearing a facial covering should not be required to wear one.
  • Limit participation to 25 individuals (or create cohorts of 25 that do not mix with other cohorts) for outdoor sports.
  • Limit participation to 25% of approved fire safety occupancy or one person per 200 square feet, not to exceed 25 individuals for indoor sports.
    • Venues with multiple facilities (such as multi-rink locations, multi-court gyms) may have more than one unit of the maximum event size as long as those units are in distinct portions of the facility (a different gym, unique and distinct rinks) and the distinct gatherings have no interaction with one another.
  • Prioritize outdoor activities whenever possible.
  • Prohibit spectators; only “key personnel” – players, coaches and staff – are allowed to attend team-based activities.
    • Guardians must wait in their vehicles and to avoid socializing with other guardians at practices.
  • Prohibit congregating before, during, and after practice; promote an “arrive, play, and leave” mentality. Players and coaches should arrive for practices dressed to play to the maximum extent practicable and limit time spent in locker rooms.  Any locker room use must adhere to physical distancing and masking requirements.
  • Plan facility schedules in a manner that avoids contact between different user groups, including staggered starts and sufficient time between games to minimize contact between arriving and departing cohorts.
  • Prohibit team-based social gatherings until all other COVID-19-specific restrictions regulating sports leagues are fully lifted.
  • Discourage multi-household carpools to team-based activities.
  • Prohibit spitting or expulsion of bodily fluids of any sort on the playing service (field, court, ice, etc.), or anywhere in or around the playing service or in the facility.
  • Prohibit sharing of water bottles.
  • Regularly and thoroughly clean and disinfect equipment.
  • Ensure teams maintain list of participants in each practice for 30 days to assist in contact tracing.


November 1st Calendars

November 19th Rada

Call Judy for appointment to hand in money or bring to the Parent meeting (Date TBD).  It will be posted on the MAHA Website and Karen will send out an email blast.

Judy's phone number 868-3694

Reminder: 1st set of Calendars are mandatory and 2nd set or more will be 20% off Plan Balance Due Nov 1st Fundraisers percentage credited to families account as follows:

Under Plan Balance due to account:

Rada 20%

Pizza Kits 20%

2nd Set of Calendars 20%

Thank you,

Judy Laroche, MAHA Treasurer 868-3694

Live Barn at The Highgate Sports Arena

Sign up today to watch practices and games!!



Billed Monthly at $17.95*


  • Live Stream unlimited video from all LiveBarn venues
  • Access On Demand video for 30 days
  • Share 30-second highlights via social media, email and text

There are other package options.




The Missisquoi Amateur Hockey Association is holding an on going Bottle Drive at the Swanton Sunoco. Bottles can be brought there and you just need to mention the bottles are being donated to MAHA.

Bottles can also be dropped off at the MAHA Bottle Bin at the arena

Thank you for supporting The Missisquoi Amateur Hockey Association!

MAHA Mask Fundraiser

Another fundraiser for our great organization. At this point you need a mask to do just about anything. Why not get one that supports your organization?!  We are selling MAHA face masks for $10.00. Please reach out to any board member or drop a message here to purchase your mask today.
Masks will also be available for purchase at the upcoming BBQ on Sunday, June 14th at 5pm
Checks can be made out to MAHA, if you are paying with cash we are asking for exact payment.

Thanks for your continued support!

Maha board

MAHA's Girls Try Hockey For Free was a huge success!  Lots of new faces!

MAHA's Girls Try Hockey For Free was a huge success! Lots of new faces!

MAHA and Milton kick off their season with a power skating clinic on Tuesday! Let the fun begin!

Highgate Sports Arena

2020-2021 Visitor Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to the Highgate Sports Arena.  Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Masks must be worn at all times in the arena, including on the ice players, coaches and officials.
  • Not to exceed the maximum number allowed of 25 on the ice.  This includes players and coaches.  There will be no physical contact between players.  Players and coaches must maintain the physical distance of at least six feet apart.  Team based activities will be limited to:  individual skill-building exercises, strength and conditioning sessions and No-contact drills.
  • All players and coaches will need to complete and sign screening questions for tracing purposes.
  • Teams/Groups will provide rosters for contact tracing purposes.
  • Organization will be responsible for their own health screenings.
  • Players should come dress to play.  Locker rooms will not be available.  Chairs will be spaced along the perimeter for putting on skates.
  • No spectators will be allowed in the arena.  Parents/Guardians must wait in their vehicles and to avoid socializing with others at practice. 
  • We will follow the “arrive, play and leave" guidelines.   One adult per family will be allowed to enter prior to practices and games to tie skates for their player who is U10 age and under.  The parent/guardian must have their temperature taken when entering.  Parents/Guardians must exit and return to their vehicles and avoid socializing with others during practices and games.
  • Groups are asked not to come no more than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled time and to leave promptly when finished, following the State’s “Arrive, Play and Leave” guidelines.  This will allow us to turn over the ice more quickly for the next group and to accommodate more groups.
  • One person at a time in the lobby Restrooms.
  • Showers will not be available.
  • Please adhere to 6’ social distancing.
  • Groups are asked to wipe down their own equipment.
  • No spitting on the ice or anywhere in the facility.
  • No sharing water bottles.  
  • The water fountain in the back hallway will not be available.
  • We will not be allowing “Drop-In Programs” such as Public Skating, Stick and Puck and Pick-up Hockey. 
  • Visitors must adhere to State Guidelines regarding travel and quarantining- Highgate Arena is a public facility so let’s keep it safe and fun for all.


This document will be updated as the guidelines change.

Last updated 12/29/20

Coaches Registration

If you are interested in coaching, please register here.

Click Here To Register





We recommend all parents take the USA HOCKEY Safe Sport Parent Course. This program is developed for parents of athletes, and addresses important topics around recognizing, preventing and taking action against misconduct in sports.

Click Here to complete the Safesport program. 


    Adam Fortin

    Adam Fortin

    MAHA President P.O. Box 77 Highgate Center, VT 05459

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    What makes them great? Include a sentence or two about the local sponsor here.

    Sponsored by Local Sponsor

    Local Sponsor

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    What makes them great? Include a sentence or two about the local sponsor here.