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The Missisquoi Amateur Hockey Association

The purpose of MAHA shall be to provide the opportunity for the youth within MAHA’s service area to play amateur hockey at prescribed levels which may consist of T-Blades, Mites, Squirts, Pee-Wees, Bantams, Midgets, and corresponding girls’ teams such as U-10, U-12, or U-14. It shall also be a purpose of MAHA to prepare its players through attention to skill development and competition for future play at high school level.

Sportsmanship is Everybody's Responsibility

The Vermont State Amateur Hockey Association, VSAHA,  is looking forward to the start of the many state tournaments across our state.  Check out the VSAHA State Tournament site for details.  Our host associations are working hard to make sure their arena and staff of volunteers are ready to make it the best possible experience for everyone.  I am sure we will see some exciting games with great plays, close calls, and a few lucky bounces. It is truly an exciting time and a chance for all of us to show off this game we love.

With an increase in discipline hearings and a focus on respecting game officials, I want to remind us all that we all play a part in making this a positive experience for everyone.  As the games begin and decisions are made by players, coaches, officials, and our volunteers, it is important to remember that this is just a game. We are all human and mistakes may occur.  How we handle our actions and reactions in challenging times can leave a powerful message.

No matter how you are taking part in our state tournaments as a player, coach, official or spectator, I would like to remind you that we have high expectations for everyone. 

  • USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy applies to players, coaches, on ice and off ice officials, and spectators.

  • USA Hockey is committed to erasing any type of abusive language using Rule 601. 

  • Verbal and Physical Abuse towards players, coaches, officials and spectators will not be tolerated.  Consequences can impact all participants. 

  • USA Hockey Codes of Conduct must be followed by everyone.

  • Promote a positive environment in all areas of the rink or facility.

I am soliciting your support in helping to promote our game.  The smallest of choices or decisions can have a lasting impact on our community.  I wish all teams the best of luck. Represent your team, community and families the best you possibly can.

John Cioffi

VSAHA President

Click Here to register for MAHA's Spring Thaw League

Additional MAHA Apparel

Please find the attached link to an additional MAHA online store.   The ordering deadline for Christmas  is December 16th at 5 pm.  The store will remain open year round.   Samples will be at the rink tomorrow during the girls high school game.

Varsity Sign-Up

Sign-ups for the Goal Judges and Penalty Boxes during the MVU Boys and Girls varsity games are now available on DIBS.

You can place your cursor over the highlighted Goal Judge or Penalty Box for each game to see if it is a MVU Boys or MVU Girls game and who will be the visiting team.

Please plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to the game time for warm-ups.  Sign-in at the door to receive credit for working the game.  There is no entrance fee if you are working the game.


Please Note:  New this year anyone working the penalty box will not be required to move the game nets.


If you have any questions please contact Karen.

SASA and MAHA/Milton U14 T4 teams recognizing Veterans Day!

SASA and MAHA/Milton U14 T4 teams recognizing Veterans Day!


2019 Coaching Education Program Schedule

Vermont locations highlighted below; more throughout New England & New York.

Sign up here ⬇️

VT Essex Junction,VT CEP Level 1Level 1 Coaching Clinic-Essex Skating Facility 09/29/20198:00AM - 3:00PM Essex Junction,VT VT NE 29 REGISTERCONTACT INSTRUCTOR
VT Stowe CEP Level 2Level 2 Coaching Clinic, Stowe Arena 10/06/20198:00AM - 3:00PM Stowe VT NE 32 REGISTERCONTACT INSTRUCTOR
VT Stowe CEP Level 3Level 3 Coaching Clinic- Stowe Arena 10/13/20198:00AM - 3:00PM Stowe VT NE 31 REGISTERCONTACT INSTRUCTOR
VT Woodstock CEP Level 1Level 1 Coaching Clinic-Woodstock High School 10/27/20198:00AM - 3:00PM Woodstock VT NE 70 REGISTERCONTACT INSTRUCTOR
VT Northfield CEP Level 2Level 2 Coaching Clinic-Norwich University 11/24/20198:00AM - 3:00PM Northfield VT NE 57 REGISTERCONTACT INSTRUCTOR
VT Middlebury CEP Level 3Level 3 Coaching Clinic- Middlebury College 12/08/20198:00AM - 3:00PM Middlebury VT NE 40 REGISTERCONTACT INST


USA Hockey Coaching Clinics

MAHA's Girls Try Hockey For Free was a huge success!  Lots of new faces!

MAHA's Girls Try Hockey For Free was a huge success! Lots of new faces!

MAHA and Milton kick off their season with a power skating clinic on Tuesday! Let the fun begin!

MAHA’s Upcoming Elections

MAHA Elections shall be held each year prior to the Annual Meeting.  The President and Vice-President must be selected in alternating years, as well as the Treasurer and Secretary.  The President and Treasurer shall serve a two (2) year term as will the Vice President and Secretary.

All Directors shall be elected to serve one (1) year terms.  Nothing contained herein shall prevent any Officer or Director from succeeding him or herself provided he or she is nominated and duly elected.

All nominations must be submitted in writing with a letter of interest one (1) month or (30) days prior to elections to have name added to the ballot.  Only individuals that have submitted a letter of interest may have their names added to the ballot.  All nominees must be in good standing to be considered.

All elections shall be by Australian ballot.

Absentee Ballots can be requested two (2) weeks prior to elections

Every family gets one (1) vote per adult member.

2020 MAHA Elections:

All nomination letters of interest are due by Tuesday, March 2nd.

Please include in your letter a brief introduction and what you feel you can bring to the MAHA board if elected.

A box will be provided in the lobby for drop off.

Positions Up For Reelections:

MAHA President (2) two year term

MAHA Treasurer (2) two year term

MAHA Directors:

6 Director Positions to be filled (1) one year term

Voting will be held on Saturday, March 21th in the lobby of the Highgate Sports Arena.

Times to be determined.

Absentee ballots:  Absentee ballots will be available two weeks prior to March 21th and must be received by March 21st at the time the voting takes place.

Absentee ballots will be available by contacting Karen Fortin at

If you have any questions please contact

MAHA President Adam Fortin at


MAHA Vice President Marcy Stefaniak at

Coaches Registration

If you are interested in coaching, please register here.

Click Here To Register





We recommend all parents take the USA HOCKEY Safe Sport Parent Course. This program is developed for parents of athletes, and addresses important topics around recognizing, preventing and taking action against misconduct in sports.

Click Here to complete the Safesport program. 


    Adam Fortin

    Adam Fortin

    MAHA President P.O. Box 77 Highgate Center, VT 05459


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    What makes them great? Include a sentence or two about the local sponsor here.

    Sponsored by Local Sponsor

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    What makes them great? Include a sentence or two about the local sponsor here.